If you just want a bolt, you can have a look at the following list of types of bolts.  It should at least give you some idea of how the locksmiths of the district could keep themselves busy.


Automatic Bolt
Barrel Bolt
Blind Bolt
Cabinet Bolt
Case Bolt
Casement Bolt
Citadel Bolt
Cremone Bolts
Cupboard Bolt
Double Ended Bolt
Drop Bolt
Espagnolette Bolt
Fanlight Bolt
Flush Bolt
Foot Bolt
French Window Bolt
Galley Door Bolt
Garage Door Bolt
Gate Bolt
Hall Door Bolt
Indicating Bolt
Lever Action Bolt
Locking Bolt
Mortice Bolt
Necked Bolt
Night Bolt
Pad Bolt
Padlock Bolt
Panic Bolt
Ship Bolt
Skeleton Bolt
Slam Bolt
Socket Bolt
Square Spring Bolt
Tower Bolt
Transome Bolt
Van Door Bolt

All of the locks and bolts could be made out of many materials and have many finishes.

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