Thomas Turner (Wolverhampton) Detector

Lock ID tur1 Patent None
Maker Turner Model/Mechanism Detector
Keywords detector

Turner's early 1840s locks were rather primitive, like this simple three-lever version below, Number 10566.

Its levers seem to be made of cast brass, not stamped from a sheet of rolled brass as used by most of the later lockmakers. This beneath is part of the lock's backplate bearing “T. Turner” name, c.1843. It refers to being "Patent", but so far as can be ascertained Turner did not obtain any patent for this lock, more likely that the relevant "patent" was that of Chubb's 'improved patent' lock:

The lock pictured below is a later six-lever by Thomas Turner (No. 15948):

It was also fitted with a see-saw detector in the style of Chubb's patent that operates when the detector lever is over-lifted. Its lower right hand projection is forced down into a notch at the bolt top end, and then held fast by the spring that leans onto that end of the detector.

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