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The Independent Lock Collectors Association was formed in the early 1970s mainly by John Holden and the late Eric Place. In those early days well over 20 members attended the fairly regular meetings, and significant interest was shown in the Association's activities. However, with the passage of time, a significant decline was evident, particularly over recent years. So a meeting of the Association's members held at the Willenhall Lock Museum on 3rd June 2006 decided it was time to implement changes. It was then agreed that:

  1. The Association's would henceforth be called the Lock Collectors Association and membership would be open to all Collectors who apply and agree to pay the Annual Subscription.
  2. Next, it was agreed we would produce this and the associated other web site to promote the Association's activities and encourage new members to join.
  3. The initial Annual Subscription will be 25 (when combined with an annual inclusive mailed subscription to the Lock Collector quarterly journal) with appropriate concessions as provided in the relative section of this web site.
  4. Our aim would be to create suitably interesting opportunities for members to meet up on a regular basis. We will also endeavour to make arrangements for members to increase their experience and knowledge about their chosen collecting interest. In particular through the provision of information and updates in the Association's web sites www.lockcollectors.eu and www.lockcollecting.eu, and at the venues/meetings that are from time to time to be arranged. It is also intended that the Association shall be a primary focus for lock and allied interest Collectors.
  5. To implement the Association's procedures a Constitution setting out our formal regulation would be produced; as now attached. Authority was also given for the Association's elected Officers to form Rules from time to time governing the conduct of members.

We do hope, if decide to apply for membership and join with us to make this a great and interesting Association, that you will enjoy many years of comradeship, with the advantage of gaining and sharing knowledge.

Best wishes, Tony Beck, Secretary.

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