Rules of the Association

The Association wishes to limit the number of rules it applies to the barest minimum consistent with members maintaining a satisfactory standard of conduct, both in relation to their involvement with us and with other members.

It is intended to review how matters progress and institute appropriate rules over time. The first such items that member's are essentially required to comply with are:

  1. Members must safeguard any User Names and Passwords provided by the Association and take their reasonable best precautions to avoid third parties obtaining them.
  2. The License to view and download “The Lock Collector” journal, as permitted by your membership of The Lock Collectors Association, is strictly on the understanding that it is for your own personal use. Neither the whole or any part of it may be otherwise reproduced, sent or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying without the prior written consent of the Lock Collector's Editor. Any contravention of this requirement will be regarded as a major breach of the Association's rules.
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