British Patents (by date)

Number   Description
GB1200 (1778)   Barron's patent
GB1226 (1779)   Solomon Henry (notes)
GB1730 (1790)   Rowntree's patent (notes)
GB2277 (1798)   Thomas Turner's patent (notes)
GB2306 (1799)   Davis patent
GB2851 (1805)   Stansbury's patent
GB4036 (1816)   Robert Kemp's lock
GB4219 (1818)   Chubb's first detector
GB4972 (1824)   Chubb's improved patent
GB6527 (1833)   Chubb's new patent detector
GB9395 (1842)   William's patent
GB11152 (1846)   Cotterill climax
GB11491 (1846)   Chubb quadruple
GB11523 (1847)   Chubb definitive detector
GB602 (1852)   Chubb definitive detector
GB160 (1853)   Chubb permutation lock
GB1331 (1857)   Cotterill
GB3071 (1860)   Chubb powderproof
GB2198 (1865)   Hodgson's citadel mechanism
GB3257 (1869)   Cotterill, Wilson's patent (acme)

With thanks to the individuals and libraries (in particular the UK copyright libraries) who have helped to provide this collection. Any members with copies of patents which they feel should be included can contact us.

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